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Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Suit to have all sorts of cool things in summer, everybody cannot miss cool surface for certain, the practice of different area cool area also is different, especially gallinaceous silk cool face is taken in Sichuan very famous, old little all appropriate, summer ate to also can see hot weather.

Practice of gallinaceous silk cool face, summer eats it can disappear heat

One, gallinaceous silk is cool


Noodle 300g, 100g of ripe chicken silk, gram bud 120g, oily 1 spoon (15ml) , balm 1 spoon (15ml) , soy 2 spoon (30ml) , vinegar 1 spoon (15ml) , bai Sha candy 1 teaspoon (5g) , sesame paste 2 spoon (30ml) , cucumber silk 2 spoon (30g) , green silk 1 spoon (15g) , jiang Mo, garlic powder each 7g, chili is oily 1 spoon (15ml) , pink of Chinese prickly ash 1 teaspoon (5g) , earthnut breaks (parched) 1 spoon (15g)


1, noodle is thoroughlied cook into boiling water, when boiling, cannot boil too softly, fish out is put heat is taken the advantage of to scatter salad oil a few on chopping board, tremble come loose to drop in temperature quickly, to each other not sticky connect and till oneself is cooling, make cool range.

2, with boiled water the very hot bean sprouts that boil makes an appointment with 10 seconds, after fish outForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Super-cooling boiled water squeezes dry moisture, put in dish in make a copy, cool face is put above, place chicken and cucumber silk on noodle again.

3, mix condiments of all the others with cold boiled water divide evenly, irrigate gallinaceous silk cool face to go up to scatter next earthnut to break again, agitate mixes divide evenly can eat.

Practice of gallinaceous silk cool face, summer eats it can disappear heat

2, gallinaceous silk is cool


Advocate makings: Chili pink (had better be contend for ace) , caoguo, sweet leaf, anise, Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, ginger, garlic, green

Complementary makings: Oil, unripe smoke, cooking wine, salt, candy, vinegar


1.Caoguo is patted broken, with a 3 big sweet leaf, ginger, anise, 10 – after 15 Chinese prickly ash and chili pink mix, put in a shallow bowl;

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2.The oil that 100ml controls burns heat, close the air after fire one minute; Cent second drench on the chili pink that has mixinging;

3.Boiler is abluent, join Jiang Pian, sweet leaf, laurelShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Skin, enter right amount unripe smoke and a few cooking wine, add a few salt and candy to leave, until fire involves after boiling a fragrance, air is cool;

4.The oily forceful any of several hot spice plants that a moment ago had done filters with mesh foreign matter, keep chili oil only, next withForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Mixture outfit is in the soy juice that has boiled in the bowl;

5.Put chopped green onion and garlic Chengdu agitate even, made hemp hot juice;

6.Vinegar is added again when eating, otherwise easy and broken

Flesh of 7. chicken breast is thoroughlied cook, cut silk together with cucumber, mix on chili is oily, powder of garlic of man of sesame paste, hot pickled mustard tuber, chopped green onion can eat

Practice of gallinaceous silk cool face, summer eats it can disappear heat

3, gallinaceous silk is cool


Wet round noodle, pigeon breast flesh, cucumber, bean sprouts, sesame paste, pepper sauce, unripe smoke, caraway


Flesh of 1. chicken breast together, enter cold water boiler, join green paragraph, boil 4 minutes, involve fire, the boiler on the lid covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire 8 minutes; Take out air cool, down chicken grain rips gallinaceous silk to reserve

2. cucumber cuts into shreds, scald of bean sprouts dish is ironed, sesame paste a few spoon, add unripe smoke, unlock of salt, plain boiled water, rise to dip submit liquid flow form

Wet noodle of 3. Xian Yuan, boil into boiled water boiler, choose water twice, fish out crosses cold water, drop does moisture, mix prevent into a few balm stick

In 4. noodle v/arc sale at reduced prices, silk of cucumber silk, bean sprouts, chicken, caraway is displayed rise, irrigate on sesame paste and pepper sauce (do not eat hot can not put, like to eat garlic, can break some of mashed garlic to put inside eat) scatter the white sesame seed with ripe a few to be able to leave ate.