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The account in the book: “Food is with litchi expensive, and endowment beneficial criterion longan is fine ” . To longan doubly praise highly. Consider to confirm according to pharmacodynamics, longan contains a variety of nutriment such as dextrose, cane sugar and vitamin A, B. Contain among them more is protein, adipose and a variety of mineral. These nutriment are very indispensible to human body.

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Although longan is nourishing, absolutely of 6 kinds of people eats to be not gotten! (1)

Longan is very nourishing but absolutely of 6 kinds of people cannot eat

1, the person that there is fire inside body can not have longan, if lobar fire, stomach fire, phlegmy fire, irascibility is exuberant,wait for a patient, and the person that has skin disease also can not eat longan.

2, the person with the serious damp inside body is unfavorable also edible longanForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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3, pregnant woman is unfavorable eat longan, because be pregnant hind, shade blood slants empty, the heat inside easy generation, the symptom that heat of dry, embryo and gloomy of classics of slink, liver heat up occurrence defecate, because this should avoid,eat longan.

4, gouty patient had better not eat longan, avoid to cause articulatory gall. Special when eating longan, should avoid to eat together with seafood more, can cause disease in that way.

5, the asthmatic patient with itself hot area, cannot eat longan, cause easily otherwise1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Lung heats up cough.

6, coughed like him disclosure, no matter be hot,coughing still is cold cough, cannot eat longan, make body easily the Xu Han inside, hot and dry upgrade otherwise, aggravating illness.