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We know, every month has female friend so classics of forthcoming month of a few days of meetings, and some people are in forthcoming month classics when can feel abdomen is very aching, why to meet actually painful, that is them in inchoate moment carelessly food and cause, often eat the thing with cold sex to cause blood easily in menstruation the platoon is sordid, accumulate gradually created abdominal and acuteness aching sense, of course, some people are congenital.

Can forthcoming month classics take Yang Tao

So, besides ice-cream in menstruation these cold things cannot take outside, what still have hot sick at heart actually cannot eat more, the provision that contains coffeine also is inedible, so somebody can ask Yang Tao can be thing of among them a kind of inedible. PoplarForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Peach can eat.

Carambola flavour pleasant is acerbity, sexual cold;

Have clear heat, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, benefit water, alexipharmic effect;

Medicable wind heats up cough, irritated thirsty, the mouth is rotten, toothache, shi Lin.

Applicable crowd

Average crowd all but edible, wind heats up the person that cough, pharynx and larynx aches, pee heat is acerbity person, urology stone patient, suffer from cardiovascular disease or obese person to suit edible; especially

Because this comes,official holiday can eat Yang Tao. But your period should notice heat preservation, avoid is cold, cool, unripe, cold exciting, prevent cold evil to invade; to notice to rest1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Breath, reduce fatigue, strengthen nutrition, enhance constitutional; to should control acuteness mood wave motion as far as possible, avoid intense mental stimulation, maintain buoyant; to want to prevent room service at ordinary times excessive, period prohibits absolutely sexual life.

Directive opinion:

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Period should notice food is recuperated, mix before classics period diet raw or cold food is cold taste coolly, lest cold cruor Yu and menstruation of dysmenorrhoea accentuation;Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The capacity is much person, unfavorable edible is acrimony the content of sweet dry, lest heat up approach blood travel, bleed more very.

Accordingly we knew, come actually menstruation when be to be able to eat Yang Tao, of course after cannot be being put into freezer, Yang Tao can be taken again eat, come after all menstruation when the food that still wants avoid impediment chill, what when menstruation coming in the meantime, should eat as far as possible is a few more delicate, prevent clot the platoon is sordid and add abdominal aching touch.

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